Poetry- Our Dreams “innocent But Powerful Dream’s”

Poetry- Our Dreams

Unless you understand that you’ve got to push yourself.
You’re not going to make your dreams come true.
You’re just not,,,,
We’re not wired that way you weren’t born that way you weren’t that way

when you were growing up and you’re certainly not that way as an adult.
And there’s a tremendous amount of Liberation that comes when you accept the fact that you’re always going to need to give yourself a push.

You’re never ever ever ever Going to feel like doing the things you need to do in Order to have what you want.
You’re always going to need to push yourself You’re always going to need to

parent yourself So what is the net advice on this? What what is the bottom line?
The bottom line is no one’s coming,, No one!!!! No one’s coming to push you,

No one’s coming to tell you to turn the TV off,, No one’s coming to tell you to get out the door and exercise,, Nobody’s coming to tell you to apply for that job That you’ve always dreamt about,,, Nobody’s coming to write the business plan for you. It’s up to you

In order to be that man, in order to be that woman, You’re gonna have to get out of your own way

in order to produce something that you’ve never Produced before you’re gonna have to say something you’ve never said before do something you’ve never done before

So you can be the man the woman you’ve always known yourself to be.

Our Dreams
Our Dreams

It’s easier to accept the fact that I’m just not good enough.
I wasn’t made to do that and yeah, some of us can’t be steve jobs or Elon musk.
But I’ll tell you right now man We can do a lot of shit when it comes to this pure arm guts and willpower and get through shit We have a lot more with a lot more than we think we have self-discipline is everything if you don’t have it I look at you now.

I know you’re capable of more.

It’s all on you It’s all on you the self part, is what’s big Clean up your room That’s a good start organize your local landscape schedule your time start taking control of yourself See if you can stop saying things, you know to be lies You will always have a million excuses not to do it not to feel like it not to believe in yourself,

they’re all The only thing that matters in your life and your business is the actions that you’re taking and the more consistently that you take action.

The faster You will start to believe in yourself because you will see proof that you are not the kind of person,

that sits around and feels unworthy that you’re not a victim that sits by and Gets sucked into other people’s stuff that you’re not that kind of person

So what makes sense to believe it anymore? But it starts with action!

Dreams Poetry 1:

“At such a time as this,it seems that there is nothing….
Neither moon nor sun,,,
Neither dusk nor dawn…
Abeautiful veil drops at the threshold of vision,,,,
An outpost of sorrow nestles in the heart…
Perhaps it was an illusion,,,
Perhaps I heard it on the street…
Thesound of a final round of footsteps,,,
No dream will seek refuge now…
In the dense foliage of thought,
There will be neither spite nor favor, no kin nor kind ,
Noone you can call your own, none that is a stranger to me
No doubt this desolate hour is a somber one
But, my heart, this is merely one moment in time Take courage, a lifetime lies ahead.”

Dreams Poetry 2:

How brave we are to dream.
To dream what seems an impossible dream.

It takes courage to dream.
To believe in our dream.
listen to our heart.
To listen to our soul.
To walk our journey towards the unknown.

Our dream wants change,
pushes discomfort and asks for action.
It needs love, it needs patience and requires faith.

Faith in ourselves.
Faith in the Universe.
Trust in our vision.
Faith in our heart.
Faith in our soul and faith in our dream.

We may want to run.
May want to stop.
We may want to scream
and we may want to quit.

Rest if we must,
but we must never stop.
Never stop believing.
Never give up your dream.

Be daring.
And brave.
Be you.

And one day, in a single heartbeat,
your beautiful dream comes true.

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