Our Fears (The Anxiety / Phobias)

Our Fears : what is fear??? And why we suffering everyday in it?? We all have some phobias.

Every day we deal with it. Some of us trying to facing them. And some just ran away.

If we don’t face our phobia, and we only trying to protect own self then after some time our protectiveness become possessiveness for pun self.

Our Fears (The Anxiety / Phobias)
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poem (Our Fears)

nervousness, worry, shadows obstruct around me.
These are some of the words I could use to explain my agitation,
but nothing I can say could speak of its entirety,
as I cry internally thinking I’ve lost my sanity.

Doctors, counselors, saying there’s something wrong with me.
My parents telling me to calm down and stop being so crazy.
But how can I calm down when the world around me
is spinning out of control and I can barely see?

Our Fears (The Anxiety / Phobias)
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Breathe. You will get through this.

You will get through the sleepless nights,
all the internal fights,
and the days that seem right
when the world hits you with all its might.

Breathe. You will get through this.

I know you think I’m overreacting about the silliest little things,
but to me those silly little things seem like the doom the world could bring.
Can’t you see, a spilled glass of milk to you can seems like an earthquake to me.

I know it might be hard to understand my agitation,
but I hope today I have given you some clarity.

So the next time someone is scared and feels like they can’t breathe,
shaking and crying, unable to see,
don’t tell them they’re overreacting; don’t call them crazy.
Help them realize there is more to life than this misery,
and no matter the doubt inside, they will be who they are meant to be.

Breathe. I will get through this.

Because I know I am more than just my agitation,
and one day I hope to be free of it entirely.
But until then, I will keep telling myself, quietly,
I am stronger than this. I am stronger than my agitation.

Our Fears (The Anxiety / Phobias)

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