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lustful and seductive poetry

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

The most delicate threads stitch
together the most beautiful souls .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I wanna take a leap and land in your arms
while my legs wrapped around your waist .

Kiss me during missionary
so that I can moan in your mouth arching my back .

You feel like forever ,
because when I am with you time does not exist .

I’ll let you in ,
just swear that you can survive on me alone .

I’m not asking for much
Just make me feel like the center of your universe .

Tie me up with seductive poetic verses bound intimately by
words of love laced intricately in syllables of promised passion .

That tiny moment before a kiss,
when the entire world pauses just for both of you .
There needs to be a special word for that .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Any place you want to kiss me ,
you can also bite .
So leave your mark honey , make it sting .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Slow deep kisses , fast heartbeats ,
entangled limbs with no beginning and no end .

Kiss me so hard that I can’t catch my breath .

You were consumed by the fire in my soul
and broken promises left behind .

Take my mind to unknown destinations where my soul feels
the rush of your lips taking an adventure down my skin .

Devour my mind,
Savour my body,
Taste my soul .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I didn’t fall for your pretty face,
I fell for your beautiful energy,
sexy mind and gorgeous heart .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I just want to press my face against your neck and tell you
how universe feels , when we fall in love

lustful and seductive poetry

Kiss me inside my chest, between my ribs,
a little to the left where you
hear your name beat, beat , beating Yes . Right there .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Take me to that edge of madness
there is where I dance .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Between harmony and horny
We found each other …

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Between your moans and my groans
All we found was hunger lust satisfaction

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I doubted magic even existed and then I glimpsed your soul .
In those moments I knew magic existed and
I wanted to delve deep inside of you for it .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Grab tight , pull me close
and steal every bit of honey that drips from my lips,,
You be my ” Oh God ” , and I’ll be your ” Goddamn ” .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Connection is more than attraction, it’s understanding how they think,
it’s knowing what they need without them having to find the words,
it’s a shared vision of how life can be .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

-Imagine choosing someone
at the same time they are choosing you.

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

Seeking deep meaningful conversations while getting naked.
Our clothes are only the start .

Your person will make you feel
seen on the days you feel invisible. Accept nothing less .

There’s something that the night & I have in common .
We embrace the betrayals , heartbreaks & unspoken grievances,
we carry a hurricane within our tranquil souls .

There are so many reasons I love you,
one day I will whisper them all onto your lips .

Shall I climb up the stars and kiss your lips in heaven?
Or sink down below and make your heaven’s spin?
Just say the word , your command is my wish .

Your love against my thigh , grip wrists , squeeze hips,
Drinking sweet juices of want.
Riding hard , dripping silk , clasping and releasing to test your control,
Your soul erupts , deep within.

I can taste the words you couldn’t say,
when your lips touched mine

When you don’t believe in today ,
you want to see tomorrow, hold my hand .

You exist in a vacuum of traits rarely found
in one human and I find you utterly fascinating .

lustful and seductive poetry

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I love the taste of me on your lips ,
the way my name drips like honey from your tongue .

Even the strongest and bravest of souls
need a mental hug sometimes .

A kiss is never just a kiss .
It’s our souls using our bodies to communicate .

You are all I want .
In every lifetime , in all of my futures there is no other .
Where we make memories , until there is no more sky .

I’ve known your soul for thousand years,
yet I still miss you even when you just leave the room .

When you find heaven in my arms ,
you become my angel .

Bring your unconditional love ,
and I’ll bring my unyielding devotion .

My imprint of bite marks left along the hard lines of your body .
While I continue to savor the taste of what’s mine .

Love was a wild thing between us , a magic ,
a madness , a dance that ignited the stars .

It gives me pause , wondering how a simple twist of fate can introduce
two people , destined to admire , respect , and eventually love .
Entering each other’s lives too early or too late .
How love is impossible but still real .

You will never have to wonder,
I’ll always choose you . Only you .

Fold me into your arms ,
and my sweet sigh of love will fill your heart .

You have changed the way my heart beats .
We will dance to that rhythm for our eternity .

You keep my heart together with hope ,
dreams and whispers of love and devotion .

Did you ever taste the true want on someone’s lips ?
Here , I will show you .

That kiss that takes my breath away
and makes my soul swoon .

Lets run away together , we could get high on each other’s taste
& pretend life doesn’t suck for a little while .

lustful and seductive poetry

I told the stars that the moon knows my secrets .
One of these nights they’re gonna ask about you .

I want fury and fire , thunder and lightning ,
let’s make our own goddamn storm .

Physical attraction is a stepping stone ,
you have to make my mind crave you .

That moment when you miss a step on the stairs ,
catch your breath in your throat , and prepare to fall .
That’s how it feels when I hear you name .

Desire is much too soft a word to describe
how I crumble in the agony of wanting you .

Lustful And Seductive Poetry

I want to
put my lips on your lips ,
I want to
taste your body .
I have tasted every taste ,
But I want to taste your honeydew .

Boundaries don’t diminish love,
they improve the conditions for love to exist .

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