Best & famous teacher’s day wishes and latest poetry

Best & famous teacher’s day wishes

famous teacher’s day wishes

True teachers are those who ,
Distinguishes between truth and untruth.
Leads from darkness to light , Admonition also give punishment ,
It also teaches the struggle from struggle to goal ,
Becoming a good citizen teaches fighting against superstition , untouchability , casteism , curiosity.
Makes an intelligent man out of beast,
Teaches students to face difficulties by giving them courage and hope through their thoughts,
Everyone gives children the same education without discrimination,
Encouraging those who have the ability to move forward ,
He also tries not to deprive anyone of education ,
Every student stands with them as a shield when needed ,
Always understand to students , Forgetting their own worries worries the future of the children ,
So that by becoming a successful human being ,
the name of the parents will shine .

2. Teacher is not just a word,
But it’s an emotion and feeling
Your knowledge acts as wound’s healing,
u are the person of most appealing.

u strive hard to paint our mind,
You are dominant for every mankind.
u inspire us to aspire,
Only your time and love we require.

There’s a sweetness in your rage,
And also love at your glares.
You hold our fingers at every stage,
u prepare us and always cares.

You are not our own mother,
But as important as a mother.
Your patience , nobody can beat,
Like you , nobody can treat.

Thank you for helping us,
To learn all that we know.
We will always remember,
As through the years we grow .

3. Dear Teachers,,
You burn midnight oil,
It is out of passion that you toil. Students struggle to repay the debt,
You focus on what to give and not get .

4. The most important lesson I want to teach my students is be a little bit selfish or else the society will turn you down

famous teacher’s day wishes

Best & famous teacher's day wishes
Best & famous teacher’s day wishes

5. Secret Teacher’s
There are lots of people In life you come
across who knowingly or unknowingly ,
positively influence or contaminate ,
they teach how to deal with life ,
a stronger and better person than yesterday .
Cheers to those Secret Teacher’s !!

6. I learn from everyone I meet
& also Situations , Conditions , mistakes , Observations,
over all i learn from Life And its best teacher For me.
The purpose of life is TO LEARN , APPLY & EXPERIENCE

7. जितना भी कहा जाए इस दिन के ऊपर,,
सारे शब्द कम पर जाते हैं।
दिल से जो सम्मान निकलता है,,
वो कुछ अलग ही एहसास लाते हैं।।
समस्त गुरुजानो को शिक्षक दिवस की बधाई जिन्होंने हमें कुछ न कुछ सिखाया हैं

8. There’s a teacher in us,
that guides us everyday.
Knows well when to stop,
And when to say.

9. रोशनी बनकर आए जो हमारी जिंदगी में,,
ऐसे गुरूओं को में प्रणाम करते हैं।
हुनर जमीन से आसमान तक पहुँचाने का रखते हैं,
ऐसे गुरुओं को हम दिल से प्रणाम करते हैं।।

10. Happy belated teacher’s day to the most valuable person in my life,
You have taught me the most valuable lesson of life.
to not trust anyone in love no matter who they are and how much you have loved and respect them,
Unfortunately, they will be with you till the time they feel they need you.
The moment they see the world,
they start behaving abnormally and selfishly.
They start disrespecting you whenever they get a chance,
And finally, they leave you alone.
The earlier you accept this fact,
the earlier your life will get back on track.
And do not burden your soul . God can see your tears even in rains “

famous teacher’s day wishes

11. Waqt aur halaat se bda koi teacher nhi hota,
Jo ye hme sikhate h wo kisi school me nhi sikhaya jata.

12. 3 things my teacher taught me :
1-How to be consistent in my work even when I think I can’t win anymore .
2-How to hate exams and love learning.
3-How to teach others

13. एक शिक्षक होना आसान नहीं है दोस्तों!!
सही और गलत सिखाते- सिखाते,,
खुद सही गलत की कसौटी पर खरा उतरना होता है।
आपके सामने जो सीख रहा होता है,,
वह उम्र और अनुभव में भले ही छोटा हो पर जनरेशन में नया होता है।।
कई बार आपके विचार से असहमत विद्यार्थी आपका ही आकलन करना शुरू कर देता है,,
तभी तो शिक्षक होना आसान नहीं हैं दोस्तों!!

14. A teacher is not just someone who teaches subjects maths, science, etc well.
but one who understands subjects students well too !

15. एक गुरु के चरणों में समस्त लोक विराजते हैं,
फिर भी विद्यार्थी उनके कपड़ो और वेशभूषा को आंकते नहीं रुकते।

16. Anyone can be a teacher!
if the student is willing to learn from it,
Be it a human being, book or even an animal.

17. दुख जीवन का सबसे बड़ा शिक्षक है,,
यही आपको सिखाता है जीवन में क्या सही है,और क्या गलत ।

18. There’s a teacher in us,
Which helps us guiding ourselves Through Everything we have learnt .

19. The most important lesson I want to teach my students is ” Dont be quitting if it’s the right thing to do “

2. गुरु पुर्णिमा और शिक्षक दिवस में वहीं अंतर है,
जो अंतर ज्ञान और शिक्षा में है ।

21. Dear teacher!!
without your guidance and wisdom,
I wouldn’t be where am right now.
Happy Teachers Day.

famous teacher’s day wishes

22. ज़िंदगी के हर मोड़ पर तीसरी आँख होती है,,
गुरु के साथ बीती लम्हे की घड़ी हमेशा ख़ास होती है।
गुरु का हाथ हो सिर पर, फ़तह कदमों में होती है,,
हो अँधेरा चाहे कितना भी घना
तो क्या गुरु की शिक्षाएं दिए सी साथ होती हैं।।

23. Dear Teachers!!
Glad to thankfull you all teachers to make my life sharpen,,
like clear whether in fog,
Like lighten in dark.
Just like testfull in fast,
Like rain fall in hot.
Just Like mile stone in highway…

24. There’s a teacher in us!!
Because there is no teacher,
greater than your own lesson.

25. The most important lesson!!
I want to teach my students is,,
to be a student until the eternal rest.

26. The most important lesson!!
I want to teach my students is,,
You will never get everything you want in life..
But you will everything you will need in life ..

27. The most important lesson!!
I want to teach my students is,,
Just because you do something wrong,
doesn’t mean you won’t get it right ..

28. The most important lesson!!
I want to teach my students is,,,
the word ” Aasaan ” meant Guru in Tamil,
and in the same way the word Aasaan meant easy in Hindi.
Which means the person who teaches hard in the easy manner..

29. ये मत समझो आप सब, शीर्ष ज्ञान विज्ञान,,
गुरु आज्ञा पालन बिना, बन पाए न महान।

30. The most important lesson!!!
I want to teach my students is,
You are not limited by this curriculum,
u aren’t bound to be in this same old school system.
You are here to learn beyond what we can to teach you,
u are here to be the principles , Whom others can follow.

Best teacher’s day wishes

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